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Id-Dikjarazzjoni ta’ Oxford dwar il-Libertà tal-Ħsieb u tal-Espressjoni

Il-Kungress Dinji Umanista tal-2014, li seħħ f’Oxford mit-8 u l-11 t’ Awwissu 2014, adotta din id-dikjarazzjoni dwar il-Libertà tal-Ħsieb u tal-Espressjoni.
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The Oxford Declaration on Freedom of Thought and Expression


Verżjoni bil-Malti

WHC 2014 logoThe 2014 World Humanist Congress, gathered in Oxford, UK, on 8-10 August 2014, adopted the following declaration on freedom of thought and expression:

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Report from IDAHO conference


by Ramon Casha, deputy chairman, MHA

On Thursday I attended the IDAHO forum - International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, held in Malta.

The conference included updates on the unfolding situation in many countries in regard to equal rights for LGBTI people. I'm proud to say that Malta registered the greatest improvement in this area, followed by Montenegro, but the positive developments in many countries were offset by major setbacks in others, including Uganda, Sudan, Nigeria, as well as Russia and other countries in Eastern Europe.

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The Science of Contrails


In recent weeks, there have been some people expressing concern over what they believe to be dangerous “chemtrails” in the sky. Chemtrails are claimed to be white trails of chemicals sprayed by aircraft as they pass overhead, either to somehow affect people on the ground, or, in a more recent variation of this idea, to control the weather – but what does science say?

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Civil Unions bill passes


It was smiling faces all round and rainbows everywhere as the speaker called out the result - the bill has passed. The new Civil Unions bill gives same-sex (or opposite sex) couples the right to get a civil union which will have the same legal rights as marriage, including adoption.

Several more photos are in our Facebook page.

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The Placebo Effect, Double-Blind Tests and Why Most “Alternative Medicine” is bunk


On any given day on Facebook, you are likely to see several graphics claiming incredible health benefits for some exotic plant, or claiming that some “alternative medicine” procedure can do everything that normal medicine can do but better. Very often these are accompanied by claims of people who tried them and testified to their efficacy. So how come medical professionals insist that they don’t work?<--break->

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Ethics Education in Malta - Information Seminar


Roger TirazonaOn Saturday 25th January, the University of Malta and the Ministry of Education and Employment, presented the plans and provisory suggestions to offer an Ethics Course for students who choose not to take the current Religious Education offered in schools.

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You can help scientific research


Do you want to help in important scientific research without lifting a finger (much) and even with no scientific experience or training?

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