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Philosophy now

this is a journal discussing various topics available online wherein some of the writeups are free.

The making of europe

Written by Christopher Dawson in 1932, this scholarly tome discusses the philosophical, theological and political  issues form the end of the Roman empire to the rise of mediaeval unity. It is not a standard history book and assumes a solid knowledge of that period by the reader assisting the reader to better understand why the …

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A Sense of Perspective

Sometimes it seems that the anti-IVF brigade in Malta doesn’t spare a thought for the people they hurt when they write. In their desire to convince people they lash out, and in so doing they strike adoptive parents, single parents and those people who married someone with children and care for these as if they …

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Focus on Ethics

Krista Sullivan   Professor Kenneth Wain is the brains behind the Ethics program being introduced in state schools this scholastic year. I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of his acquaintance this week and to talk to him about the program. Professor Wain explained that the Ethics Program aims to create a classroom which …

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Toys for all the good boys and girls

Tura Satana It is the time of year again when we celebrate the most important holiday of the religion that most defines ‘the West,’ meaning Europe and North America. This religion is of course Rampant Consumerism. In Malta the grip of it is perhaps somewhat less, there being a strong competing religion:  in UK for …

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The Madness of Certainty

Meinrad Calleja There is a fine line between doubting and certainty that actually delineates where perceived madness sets in or is kept out. Certainty provides a reassuring border that allows us to transact our lives without having to doubt everything. However, doubting whether we locked our door or put the gas off, and doubting the …

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Humanism – A personal perspective

Kevin Cassar It was inevitable. Most, if not all of us, have experienced it. In hindsight, I can also say it had been a long time coming. The rejection of the doctrine we were conditioned to accept in childhood, could not continue to co-exist with the reality we experienced around us. The cognitive dissonance was …

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Learning to walk out of the dark caves into ever brighter light.

Ian Grech Science is a way of discovering how the Universe, of which we are part, works through the use of testable explanations and predictions. It is an evolutionary process where a scientist uses the work of those before him in order to gain that next piece of knowledge. Each discovery builds on its predecessors. …

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Welcome 11/01/15

Welcome to the first Malta Humanist Association newsletter for 2015! In this edition we are publishing a series of articles which we hope you will find interesting. In the first contribution Ian Grech talks about how science has helped us discover the secrets of the universe throughout history. Kevin Cassar recounts his personal journey in …

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What’s a Notice of Purpose currently Signing Up To Faculty

In the event you should Ihire a web professional or create mybusiness site having an online site creator? To answer this problem I’ll go through a series of key points. I think budget definitely has the many impact on the remedy. You could simply simply and not need the budget to higher a professional. I …

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