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Ramon Casha

These pages contain writings by, and relating to Ramon Casha.

Ramon was more than just a fellow Humanist, Chairperson of our Organization for several years and a friend. He was also a generous philanthropist, a committed social activist, an invaluable contributor to informed public debate, a tireless champion of secularism and a voice of reason who will be sorely missed.

Few have done more than Ramon to further the cause of secularism locally. One of the founding members of the Association, he was a most energetic and committed contributor by far. As Chairperson (and earlier as Deputy Chairperson) he worked towards the creation of an Ethics Programme in the National Curriculum, and to establish a humanist wedding service – the first initiative of its kind in Malta.

Ramon also actively supported the introduction of divorce, same-sex unions and emergency contraception, long before such views became mainstream. Often he was the lone voice of reason in a cacophony of extremism on the subject of female reproductive rights. He also provided valid contribution in the local discussion on LGBTQI equality, an area where Malta now ranks first in Europe.

His courage and energy in helping to transform this country into a better place was not in vain. Ramon’s loss is the loss of a valued voice in the Maltese free-thinking community, among who he was highly respected for his honesty and intellectual integrity. These qualities were also recognised by individuals who disagreed with him.

Ramon died on 22nd January 2017 from internal injuries sustained in a collision.

Memorial Service Writings

These writings are the readings and memories by the celebrants and attendees at Ramon’s memorial service held on 26th January 2017 at the Radisson Blu Golden Sands.