MHA endorses WRF efforts on emergency contraception pill

The Malta Humanist Association would like to declare its support to the Women's Rights Foundation on their initiative to request the availability of the emergency contraceptive pill in Malta.

Emergency contraceptive pills are not illegal, but so far the Medicines Authority has refused to allow anyone to import them, without giving a valid reason.

The MHA also notes that there have been several misinformed claims on the issue, even by people in high authority, and would therefore encourage the public to seek valid scientific information individually rather than accept hearsay and sentiment-laden statements.

Emergency contraceptives prevent an egg from being released from the ovaries, and thus prevent fertilisation. They are not abortive measures and cannot interfere with an embryo once fertilisation has taken place*

There can never be gender equality when women are prevented from taking control of their own reproduction.

There is no justification for denying women the right to emergency contraceptives and the Malta Humanist Association applauds the Women's Rights Foundation for taking this initiative.

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