Apr 24

Who the President represents

Francis Saliba in the Times of Malta congratulates the President on his speech and argues that "we have in our midst a small but noisy unrepresentative secularist
section that misinterprets the "strict Church-State separation" as a
muzzling of our bishops' right to explain the teaching of the Church in
such matters as abortion, divorce and euthanasia even when addressing
their congregation inside the church."
Times of Malta link

Apr 24

President on Pope’s vision

The Times of Malta reports on what President Abela considers to be the Pope's most important messages to the Maltese in his recent visit. The Times also reports that the newly formed Malta Humanist Association criticised the President for rejecting the secular principles upon which many modern European democracies were founded and for confusing the disparate roles between Church and State by getting too involved in the papal visit preparations and even calling on the Maltese to attend High Mass at the Granaries.

It said it was requesting a meeting with the President to clarify these issues.

Link to Times article

Apr 10


The Malta Humanist Association was set up in a meeting attended by founding members on the 7th April 2011. The aims of the Association and a Statute were approved. A committee was also elected.

The aims of the association as summarised in the organisation's statute are -

  1. to promote Humanism in Malta by encouraging a greater knowledge of Humanism among its members and the wider community;
  2. to elaborate, and express publicly, humanist positions on issues of concern;
  3. To provide a forum for the intelligent exchange of ideas for those seeking fulfilment in an ethical secular life;
  4. to propose such legislation as is likely to facilitate the achievement of the Association's aims;
  5. to help develop, through open discussion, the moral basis of a secular Humanist society and encourage ethical practices within our own membership and the wider community;
  6. to engage with national and international Humanist organisations, thereby providing its members with information and access to a wider world of Humanist interest and cooperation.
  7. to help develop educational programs and Internet content focusing on secular ethics, science, history and critical thinking for members, their children, and the public at large as alternatives to supernatural interpretations of the human condition;
  8. to collaborate with other voluntary organisations in Malta, in Europe and elsewhere which have an interest in developing and achieving similar objectives;
  9. to take action within Malta, and within the world at large, to improve the conditions of humanity and denounce bigotry, intolerance, and the persecution of ideas
  10. to organise talks and other events for Humanists and the wider community;
  11. to engage in any other activities which are consistent with the principles of Humanism.

Jul 07

What’s a Notice of Purpose currently Signing Up To Faculty

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