Oct 19

MHA supports pro-tolerance book campaign

The Family BookThe Malta Humanist Association is concerned about a stream of misinformation that is being disseminated about a collection of books donated by the Malta Gay Rights Movement to the Education Ministry by a newly set up social media group. This misinformation is causing concern among some parents who have been led to believe that these books contain explicit sexual information, or that they teach children about sex, although - revealingly - these claims never identify which of the books supposedly contain this material.
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Oct 17

A Sense of Perspective

8_cellSometimes it seems that the anti-IVF brigade in Malta doesn’t spare a thought for the people they hurt when they write. In their desire to convince people they lash out, and in so doing they strike adoptive parents, single parents and those people who married someone with children and care for these as if they were their own, not to mention their children.

In recent articles, we’ve had writers imply that adoptive parents and single parents are inhumane, women who offer to be surrogate mothers were compared to someone renting out a garage, and children born through IVF were described as commodities.

Can we take a step back, set aside the hyperbole and consider what it is that we’re talking about here? Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 20

Protect People, not Beliefs

Ramon CashaThe recent announcement that the government planned to do away with a number of articles in the law to bring it in line with modern standards gave rise to some criticism, but perhaps the most vociferous complaints were aimed at the removal of articles 163 and 164 from the criminal code.

These articles, broadly, threaten anyone who “vilifies” the Catholic religion, or any person or object related to it, with up to six months in jail, while a shorter sentence protects other “cults”, as the law derisively calls every other religion and church on the planet. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 29

MHA calls for mature discussion on abortion

The Malta Humanist Association backs the call for a mature and reasoned discussion on abortion. For too long, abortion has been the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about, but issues are not resolved by ignoring them or sweeping them under the carpet.

Between the existing blanket ban on abortion, and unrestricted, unregulated abortion there are many grey areas that one should explore through dialogue and without prejudice.

Jul 09

Blasphemy law reforms welcomed

The Malta Humanist Association congratulates Minister Owen Bonnici for the proposal of legal reforms to the Criminal Code which will amongst other things strike off sanctions against blasphemy, which date back to 1933. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 22

Political lethargy, indifference and NIMBYism has led to an avoidable human tragedy

migrants-dead-italyOnce again, political lethargy, indifference and NIMBYism (not in my back yard) has led to an avoidable human tragedy, as hundreds of migrants fleeing from war and human rights abuses that many of us can’t even imagine end up in floating death-traps operated by criminals who have less regard for these human lives than for material cargo.

One hopes that the expressions of sadness from the political leaders of Europe does not stop at words but translates into action that addresses the problems that these people are facing, and not merely by pushing it out of sight. Making it more difficult for them to depart without addressing the reasons they are doing so does little to alleviate their suffering.

We make gestures by donating flowers for the funerals of those who did not make it, while incarcerating those who do for inordinate amounts of time. European countries express solidarity while resisting the idea of sharing in the responsibility of hosting these immigrants. In the meantime, dangerous undercurrents of fascism are raising their heads, each new voice encouraging others with messages of hate and barely hidden glee at these stories of suffering.

Humanity has to come before colour or culture, nationality or religion, before citizenship or proper documentation. Europe must put into place a comprehensive plan, encompassing the immediate requirement to save lives, the short-term goals of addressing migration, and long term goals of promoting peace and respect for human rights throughout the region.

Apr 06

Free the nipple

James English

They’re Nothing Special (Unless You’re a Baby)

Fellow humanists, we have a body image problem.  To be specific, men’s half-naked bodies are works of art to be swooned over and women’s bodies are shameful sex puppets that must be covered at any cost.  Don’t believe me? Turn on the television or go to the cinema.  Bare-breasted men litter popular culture, nipples and all, but women?  Their breasts are shameful things leading innocent men to their ruin.  In other words: Look out!  She’s got a boob!

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Apr 06

Feminism from a male perspective or Perfect pussy, because otherwise, we won’t have it.

Alexander Saliba

Feminism has always been fought from the radical sidelines, the fight for female cultural, social and personal equality has always been considered as a guerilla war, small numbers of recalcitrant women who refuse to sit down and listen. Mocked, branded as man haters, the deniers of masculinity and as the ones who dare try to skew societal imbalance to their favour.

The modern 21st century fight resides on the ever expanding and thus infinite universe of the internet. From sewers of 4chan, to the back alley of Reddit and over to the mainstreet of Facebook, there constantly pervades this relentless fight for equality. The difference is only perspective. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 06

Atheist Myths!

Krista Sullivan

Atheism! The word used to stick in my throat until I eventually realised that really, there is little that is more honorable than to cast aside all superstition and rely on oneself for good moral behavior.

You can hardly blame me. Thinking back, when as a young kid, I asked an adult what the word meant, I was told, and I remember the exact words, "atheists believe in nothing, they have no God and so they value nothing". Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 06

Religious Taboos

Godfrey Vella



Certain taboos appear to have been created to protect society’s very existence.  A society will fight back against anything that threatens its survival.  And what threatens a society more than attitudes or activities which reduce the capability of a society to regenerate itself?  The biggest threat that a society can possibly face is extinction.  It is therefore to be expected that a society could  look very unfavourably at practices that put at risk it's reproductive fitness. Homosexuality, abortion, adultery and contraception can be seen as such practices.  It is hence not surprising that traditional societies have erected strict prohibitions - taboos - against these non-reproductive sexual practices.  The snag is that we have inherited these taboos in an age when they no longer make any sense.

We must bear in mind that in primitive societies where infant mortality was high, life expectancy was low and there was a huge dependency on manual labour, the pressure to reproduce was very strong.  Societies with lower birth rates faced extinction.  Therefore it is not surprising that practices such as homosexuality, abortion and contraception were frowned upon and very actively discouraged. Read the rest of this entry »

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