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This section contains a number of book reviews. Some of the books may be available at the MHA's library. Use this section to find interesting books to read.


  • Dune (series) - The Dune series of books by Frank Herbert is a a science fiction / fantasy series that takes place far in the future, where humanity has spread throughout the galaxy and settled on a number of planets ruled by several noble houses, with an overall emperor. One notable feature of these stories is the cynical …
  • Medieval heresy and the inquisition - author : A.S. Turberville   a very interesting and scholarly book about the era prior to the rise of humanism, also giving the gradual development of anti clericalism and the rise of free thinking. available free from gutenberg library
  • Philosophy now - this is a journal discussing various topics available online wherein some of the writeups are free.¬†
  • The making of europe - Written by Christopher Dawson in 1932, this scholarly tome discusses the philosophical, theological and political ¬†issues form the end of the Roman empire to the rise of mediaeval unity. It is not a standard history book and assumes a solid knowledge of that period by the reader assisting the reader to better understand why the …