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Study author rejects Children’s Commissioner interpretation

Joan B. Kelly, co-author of a study cited by Commissioner for Children Helen D’Amato, rejected the anti-divorce interpretation given to her study. Contacted by the Malta Humanist Association for her comments, Ms. Kelly stated that “They have misunderstood the research. The comparisons have been made between groups of children whose parents remain married, and those …

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MHA urges Yes vote in divorce referendum

The Malta Humanist Association affirms its stand in favour of the introduction of divorce in Malta. Society is made up of individuals, so the common good of a society must flow from the protection of individual rights. The idea that the common good is worth the price of a few individuals is a dangerous one. …

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Does divorce increase marital breakdown? Not in Ireland

We’ve often been told that divorce caused an increase in marital breakdown wherever it was introduced. Apparently this statement is nothing more than an urban legend, and the truth might even be the opposite. According to The Irish Times, a major study revealed that, following the introduction of divorce in 1997, marriage breakdowns slowed down.

Divorce in Malta Site

This excellent site lays out the arguments why introducing divorce legislation in Malta should take place immediately. There is also an online petition which we urge you to sign.

Curiouser and curiouser: JPO proposes divorce

After Adrian Vassallo, from the supposedly progressive PL, published his tirade against letting tourists view pornography in their hotel bedrooms, we get another surprise, with Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando from the conservative PN presenting a private member’s bill for the introduction of divorce. Good for JPO. I wonder how his mates will stand on this. PL …

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