A Scout Meeting

Malta Scout Association

The Boy Scouts of America made the headlines over the past years due to their discrimination against atheists and LGBT people. Happily, the situation in Malta (and most of Europe) is very different.

The MHA had a chat with the Chief Commissioner (I wish we could say it was round a campfire, but it was round a table), where we were reassured that Scouting is for Everyone. The Scouts in Malta have been co-educational for decades, and are LGBT-friendly as well as accepting of people with different religious beliefs, or none. There are different versions of the Scout promise, which traditionally mentions God, to cater for different beliefs.

A number of Scout groups are linked to a specific school (closed sponsored groups), and these normally only accept students of that school and are influenced by the school's ethos. For the open groups found in most cities, a lot depends on their leaders and on the region - some places tend to be a bit more conservative than others - but if anyone is interested to send their kids to Scouts, they can contact the Chief Commissioner of the Scouts who will be happy to suggest groups that are a bit more progressive.

Scouting is open to boys or girls between the ages of 5 and 26.

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