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Winter 2016 Charity Collection

‘Tis the season to be generous! We’re making a collection to donate to a charity chosen by members. If you can make a contribution it will be most welcome. Continue reading

Assisted Suicide

Joe Magro is 56 years old. He should be getting ready for his retirement. He certainly wants to live life to the full. Yet, it is with the same calm demeanour of the above passage that he informs his interviewer that he is dying. Joe has ALS (remember the “ice bucket challenge”?), a terminal degenerative disease that will slowly, but inevitably, rob him of his ability to move. First to go will be his ability to walk, move his arms or hands and to speak, but eventually he will lose his ability to breathe. Continue reading

A Scout Meeting

The Boy Scouts of America made the headlines over the past years due to their discrimination against atheists and LGBT people. Happily, the situation in Malta (and most of Europe) is very different. The MHA had a chat with the Chief Commissioner (I wish we could say it was round a campfire, but it was …

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Protect People, not Beliefs

The recent announcement that the government planned to do away with a number of articles in the law to bring it in line with modern standards gave rise to some criticism, but perhaps the most vociferous complaints were aimed at the removal of articles 163 and 164 from the criminal code. These articles, broadly, threaten …

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Free the nipple

James English They’re Nothing Special (Unless You’re a Baby) Fellow humanists, we have a body image problem.  To be specific, men’s half-naked bodies are works of art to be swooned over and women’s bodies are shameful sex puppets that must be covered at any cost.  Don’t believe me? Turn on the television or go to …

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Feminism from a male perspective or Perfect pussy, because otherwise, we won’t have it.

Alexander Saliba Feminism has always been fought from the radical sidelines, the fight for female cultural, social and personal equality has always been considered as a guerilla war, small numbers of recalcitrant women who refuse to sit down and listen. Mocked, branded as man haters, the deniers of masculinity and as the ones who dare …

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Atheist Myths!

Krista Sullivan Atheism! The word used to stick in my throat until I eventually realised that really, there is little that is more honorable than to cast aside all superstition and rely on oneself for good moral behavior. You can hardly blame me. Thinking back, when as a young kid, I asked an adult what …

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Religious Taboos

Godfrey Vella   Certain taboos appear to have been created to protect society’s very existence.  A society will fight back against anything that threatens its survival.  And what threatens a society more than attitudes or activities which reduce the capability of a society to regenerate itself?  The biggest threat that a society can possibly face …

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Freedom of Thought and Speech

Ramon Casha   In 1616 the Roman Inquisition ordered Galileo Galilei to abandon his claim that the earth orbited the sun – not to think it or teach it. 330 years later, many countries came together to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, one of the most important documents in existence today, and in …

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Does Malta need sentencing guidelines?

One of the glaring problems that plague Malta’s court system is the extreme inconsistency in sentencing. It’s very common to have two crimes where the more serious crime gets a laughable slap on the wrist while the other, less serious crime gets a harsh sentence. We’ve had attempted murderers let off with a paltry €200 …

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