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Winter 2016 Charity Collection

‘Tis the season to be generous! We’re making a collection to donate to a charity chosen by members. If you can make a contribution it will be most welcome. Continue reading

A Scout Meeting

The Boy Scouts of America made the headlines over the past years due to their discrimination against atheists and LGBT people. Happily, the situation in Malta (and most of Europe) is very different. The MHA had a chat with the Chief Commissioner (I wish we could say it was round a campfire, but it was …

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You can help scientific research

Do you want to help in important scientific research without lifting a finger (much) and even with no scientific experience or training? Lots of scientific research requires computing power – lots and lots of it. They have huge amounts of data that need to be analysed by means of intensive mathematical algorithms. Today’s desktop computers …

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Mandela passes the torch to us

The Malta Humanist Association wishes to show its appreciation for Nelson Mandela, a man whose life was a beautiful inspiration for millions. Rising from a time of cruel rule and harsh discrimination, he not only ended this discrimination, but rose above retribution and led a country through a difficult time of soul-searching, forgiveness and reconciliation, …

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Meeting with MEP Roberta Metsola

MHA committee members Raphael Vassallo and Ramon Casha had a meeting with MEP Roberta Metsola (PN/EPP) today. Roberta contacted us for a meeting while she was in Malta, after we got in touch concerning a European Parliament vote concerning freedom of religion. The meeting was very helpful to get to know each other and for …

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Malta University Humanist Association set up

The Malta University Humanist Association was launched today at a meeting in the University common room during which a statute was approved and a committee selected. MUHA is an affiliate organisation of the Malta Humanist Association and will be run by students for students and staff. The need has long been felt for a secular, …

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NCPE meeting

The National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) has recently had its remit expanded to include religions and beliefs, as well as sexual orientation, gender identity, age, race or ethnicity and gender. Ramon Casha and Roger Tirazona from MHA attended a meeting organised by NCPE for groups related to religion or belief. Other groups …

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Education Ministry publishes analysis of NCF suggestions Primary tabs

The Ministry of Education has published an analysis of suggestions received by many interested parties on the National Curriculum Framework. The Malta Humanist Association has contributed a number of suggestions concerning the introduction of ethics as a subject, giving students a choice between Catholic Regligion lessons or Ethics. All documents are available from this link.

MHA meets with MUT

The Malta Humanist Association, represented by Godfrey Vella, Roger Tirazona and Ramon Casha, met with Malta Union of Teachers president Kevin Bonello and general secretary Franklin Barbara today. During the meeting we spoke about MHA and its aims, and voiced some of our concerns regarding teachers who may face dismissal or other discrimination on account …

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Creationist school closes… for lack of students

Raphael Vassallo (article originally printed in MaltaToday, 4 July 2012) It used to teach its students that the universe was only 6,000 years old; and that far from becoming extinct 65 million years ago, dinosaurs actually co-existed with early humans, and even helped build the pyramids of Egypt. But despite being fully licensed as a …

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