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Press releases issued by MHA

Aug 06

The Marriage Act

The Malta Humanist Association welcomes last Wednesday’s approval of The Marriage Equality Act in Parliament, making Malta the 15th EU state to introduce marriage equality. The MHA has long been working to bring equality to all, and to safeguard minority rights, for they are both tenets that the organisation is built on. This last development …

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Oct 12

Emergency contraceptives should be over the counter

Press Release The Malta Humanist Association is joining the call for the emergency contraceptive pill to be made available over the counter, without a prescription, to women who need it.

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Jun 18

MHA endorses WRF efforts on emergency contraception pill

The Malta Humanist Association would like to declare its support to the Women’s Rights Foundation on their initiative to request the availability of the emergency contraceptive pill in Malta. Emergency contraceptive pills are not illegal, but so far the Medicines Authority has refused to allow anyone to import them, without giving a valid reason. The …

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Apr 16

MHA concern about compromises on vilification law removal

The following letter was sent to all members of parliament. The Malta Humanist Association is concerned about the apparent direction being taken in the efforts to repeal Malta’s vilification of religion law, including compromises that are being contemplated. Freedom of Expression is one of the fundamental rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, …

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Oct 19

MHA supports pro-tolerance book campaign

The Malta Humanist Association is concerned about a stream of misinformation that is being disseminated about a collection of books donated by the Malta Gay Rights Movement to the Education Ministry by a newly set up social media group. This misinformation is causing concern among some parents who have been led to believe that these …

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Jul 29

MHA calls for mature discussion on abortion

The Malta Humanist Association backs the call for a mature and reasoned discussion on abortion. For too long, abortion has been the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about, but issues are not resolved by ignoring them or sweeping them under the carpet. Between the existing blanket ban on abortion, and unrestricted, …

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Jul 09

Blasphemy law reforms welcomed

The Malta Humanist Association congratulates Minister Owen Bonnici for the proposal of legal reforms to the Criminal Code which will amongst other things strike off sanctions against blasphemy, which date back to 1933.

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Apr 22

Political lethargy, indifference and NIMBYism has led to an avoidable human tragedy

Once again, political lethargy, indifference and NIMBYism (not in my back yard) has led to an avoidable human tragedy, as hundreds of migrants fleeing from war and human rights abuses that many of us can’t even imagine end up in floating death-traps operated by criminals who have less regard for these human lives than for …

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Jan 30

Humanists support SHout campaign, encourage NO vote to spring hunting

As Humanists we are deeply concerned about the environment in which we live. We are not a species in isolation, and our happiness and wellbeing is inextricably linked with other species in an intricate web of interrelations and an ecosystem that encompasses the planet. We must always be aware of the ways in which we …

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Dec 09

MHA Concerned about Church Staff Document

The Malta Humanist Association is troubled by recent press reports that Heads of Catholic schools are being asked by the Maltese archdiocese to discuss new terms of employment, which terms would guarantee that schools’ head teachers and other staff can be safely considered as “practising Catholics” – or face disciplinary action if their “life choices …

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