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Our Opinion on the Maltese Constitution

The Malta Humanist Association called on its members to share their thoughts on how the Constitution of Malta could be amended to make it more relevant to modern Maltese society. Much of the debate centred around Article 2 which provides the legal framework for the close relationship between State and Church. Read a summary of that debate representing the collective position of the MHA on the matter.

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Cremation Services Malta

Humanism is an ethical worldview beyond the belief in the supernatural, and as such, we value the legacy of our deceased beloved, and the legacy that we leave behind ourselves, which we believe to be the only real afterlife there is. To quote Carl Sagan, “to live in the hearts we leave behind is to live forever.” This is why, for example, one of our main missions is to provide the service for humanist ceremonies to those who ask for it, provided by trained celebrants, to mark important milestones in our lives in a very meaningful way, including providing meaningful funeral ceremonies.

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