Josephine Gatt-Ciancio

Josephine Gatt-CiancioThough, as you see from my photo, I am not a spring chicken, I am young at heart and interested in futuristic things. As a matter of fact I write science fiction and futuristic books.
I am a widow, and retired. I’ve worked as a teacher, Administrative Officer, Journalist, Script writer and an on line blogger. I have a B.A. and an MSc.
I am a member of various groups such as SICEC (a society that investigates the paranormal) , The Malta Humanist Association, Philosophy Sharing etc.
I also do research on consciousness from the scientific point of view.
I am interested to serve as celebrant for Funerals, Weddings, Baby Namings , Animals Farewell services, Coming Of Age ceremonies etc.
If you feel like discussing your plans for your ceremony, don’t hesitate to contact me. I try to help as best I can.

Telephone (00356) 21665995
Mobile (00356) 99863149

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Reuben Zammit

Reuben ZammitReuben is an English lecturer at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology. He is a fervent reader and is passionate about literature, having completed his Masters in English and Comparative Literature at Warwick University in 2010. His other interests include  film, writing and volunteering.

Reuben has been socially active since his return from the U.K. in 2010, working with several social organisations, one of which is the Malta Humanist Association. He believes in the importance of community and hopes the MHA, on which committee he currently serves as Events Organiser, and its Celebrant programme will be successful in its mission to foster a sense of belonging and identity for humanists and non-believers.

Reuben conducts all sorts of secular ceremonies celebrating life and the individual, including Funerals, Weddings, Baby Namings, Social Initiations and Coming of Age. He draws from his knowledge of English, Maltese and World literature to make every occasion as high-quality, memorable and personalised an experience as possible.

Phone - 27133779
Mobile - 79091379

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Gail Debono

Gail Debono
Gail is a forensic psychology graduate working towards attaining her warrant as a forensic psychologist; she is a businesswoman and partner at Prefect & Co, as well as forming part of the Malta Humanist Association committee. She is a lover of books, languages, and cultures and hopes to pass this on to her daughter who is the focus of her life. In her spare time, when not at a Foo Fighters concert, Gail may be spotted at the sea or under it, on a scuba dive or two, or watching a good game of rugby. She has lived in over 5 countries apart from her beloved Malta where she plans to stay.

Gail was inspired to become a Humanist Celebrant by the fact that she couldn’t have a Humanist Baby Naming Ceremony for her daughter because there were no trained celebrants in Malta at the time. Through becoming a celebrant she hopes to give the opportunity to everybody who wants to commemorate an occasion without religion.

Gail conducts weddings, funerals, baby naming ceremonies, inaugurations and other humanist ceremonies in both Maltese and English.

Mobile: +356 9988 1266
Skype: gail_debs

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Ramon Casha

Ramon CashaRamon Casha works as an IT professional with Megabyte Ltd. He has been active in the Malta Humanist Association since its inception and currently serves as its chairman. He loves nature, science, music and the Maltese language, and is an avid nature photographer, amateur astronomer and occasional writer. He has performed on stage as both singer and dancer, in musicals, operettas and dance shows.

Ramon has always been keen on expanding the secular options available for people in Malta who lead a non-religious life, and one of those areas was in important life events.

Ramon conducts weddings, baby namings and funerals, as well as other secular ceremonies.


Tel: (00356) 99477331
Skype: RamonCasha

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Report from IDAHO conference

by Ramon Casha, deputy chairman, MHA

On Thursday I attended the IDAHO forum - International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, held in Malta.

The conference included updates on the unfolding situation in many countries in regard to equal rights for LGBTI people. I'm proud to say that Malta registered the greatest improvement in this area, followed by Montenegro, but the positive developments in many countries were offset by major setbacks in others, including Uganda, Sudan, Nigeria, as well as Russia and other countries in Eastern Europe.

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Civil Unions bill passes

It was smiling faces all round and rainbows everywhere as the speaker called out the result - the bill has passed. The new Civil Unions bill gives same-sex (or opposite sex) couples the right to get a civil union which will have the same legal rights as marriage, including adoption.
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Ethics Education in Malta – Information Seminar

20140125_123144On Saturday 25th January, the University of Malta and the Ministry of Education and Employment, presented the plans and provisory suggestions to offer an Ethics Course for students who choose not to take the current Religious Education offered in schools. The intention is to offer this course starting in the next 2014/2015 scholastic year and to commence a certificate for training teachers starting in March. Till present, even in state schools, students who opt out of Religious education are either placed in a corner of the class where they do not participate in the lesson, or leave class to roam about the school or go to the library. It is important to note that children who opt out of religion lessons exist also in Catholic schools. Continue reading

You can help scientific research


Do you want to help in important scientific research without lifting a finger (much) and even with no scientific experience or training?

Lots of scientific research requires computing power - lots and lots of it. They have huge amounts of data that need to be analysed by means of intensive mathematical algorithms. Today's desktop computers and laptops are very powerful. We've got quad-core processors and powerful graphics chips and yet, for much of the time, that computer is twiddling its metaphorical thumbs while you read a web page. Continue reading

MPs have a moral duty to legislate on behalf of all citizens

The Malta Humanist Association is concerned at what appears to be undue pressure placed on members of parliament when it comes to an imminent vote on the civil unions bill. Auxiliary Bishop Charles Scicluna has warned ‘Catholic MPs’ – a category that accounts for most, if not all, the current composition of parliament – that voting in favour of this bill, and with the right of same-sex couples to adopt children, constitutes a ‘grave immoral act’. Continue reading

Mandela passes the torch to us

mandelawaveThe Malta Humanist Association wishes to show its appreciation for Nelson Mandela, a man whose life was a beautiful inspiration for millions. Rising from a time of cruel rule and harsh discrimination, he not only ended this discrimination, but rose above retribution and led a country through a difficult time of soul-searching, forgiveness and reconciliation, a force of healing that spread far beyond the borders of South Africa. His “retirement” was characterised by efforts to promote AIDS awareness and to combat war and poverty. Speaking about the African concept of Ubuntu, in which humanism plays an important role, Mandela said “It does not mean that people should not enrich themselves. The question is, are you going to do so in order to enable the community around you to be able to improve. These are the important things of life, and if one can do that you have done something very important that will be appreciated”. Mandela has now passed the torch of Ubuntu on to us.