Here are a number of articles about science that we have published.

A Quick Guide to Evolution

by Ramon Casha; photos by Ramon Casha except sheep and chimpanzee photos – see image description. Background Prior to around 1995, when I got onto the internet and started chatting across the Atlantic, I had never heard of “creationism”, nor did I have the slightest idea that there were people in any significant numbers who …

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Momentous Moments

by Ramon Casha – vice president, Malta Humanist Association Throughout history, there have been a number of occasions when we discovered or invented something that completely changed us. In this article I’ve restricted myself to the last 500 years or so. There were many other earlier examples but in recent times they’ve come faster than …

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The Placebo Effect, Double-Blind Tests and Why Most “Alternative Medicine” is bunk

On any given day on Facebook, you are likely to see several graphics claiming incredible health benefits for some exotic plant, or claiming that some “alternative medicine” procedure can do everything that normal medicine can do but better. Very often these are accompanied by claims of people who tried them and testified to their efficacy. …

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The Science of Contrails

In recent weeks, there have been some people expressing concern over what they believe to be dangerous “chemtrails” in the sky. Chemtrails are claimed to be white trails of chemicals sprayed by aircraft as they pass overhead, either to somehow affect people on the ground, or, in a more recent variation of this idea, to …

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