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Feb 04

A Scout Meeting

The Boy Scouts of America made the headlines over the past years due to their discrimination against atheists and LGBT people. Happily, the situation in Malta (and most of Europe) is very different. The MHA had a chat with the Chief Commissioner (I wish we could say it was round a campfire, but it was …

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Apr 06

Free the nipple

James English They’re Nothing Special (Unless You’re a Baby) Fellow humanists, we have a body image problem.  To be specific, men’s half-naked bodies are works of art to be swooned over and women’s bodies are shameful sex puppets that must be covered at any cost.  Don’t believe me? Turn on the television or go to …

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Dec 09

MHA Concerned about Church Staff Document

The Malta Humanist Association is troubled by recent press reports that Heads of Catholic schools are being asked by the Maltese archdiocese to discuss new terms of employment, which terms would guarantee that schools’ head teachers and other staff can be safely considered as “practising Catholics” – or face disciplinary action if their “life choices …

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Nov 30

Malta humanists concerned at persecution of minority beliefs

The Malta Humanist Association is concerned at what appears to be a sharp increase in militant persecution of minority religious and non-religious belief-systems in many countries across the world, including our North African neighbours, following their recent political upheavals. Apart from various incidents of violence perpetrated on Christians in particular, but also on other minority …

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Oct 16

NCPE meeting

The National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) has recently had its remit expanded to include religions and beliefs, as well as sexual orientation, gender identity, age, race or ethnicity and gender. Ramon Casha and Roger Tirazona from MHA attended a meeting organised by NCPE for groups related to religion or belief. Other groups …

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