The Marriage Act

The Malta Humanist Association welcomes last Wednesday's approval of The Marriage Equality Act in Parliament, making Malta the 15th EU state to introduce marriage equality.

The MHA has long been working to bring equality to all, and to safeguard minority rights, for they are both tenets that the organisation is built on. This last development is only the latest in a series of positive steps forward in this sphere, that the country has taken in recent years.

The recent debates in various media, which ended with the celebrations at Castille Square last Wednesday, were bittersweet for the MHA and its members, and indeed all who knew the late Ramon Casha, previous chairman of the organisation, who worked tirelessly for LGBTIQ rights through the years on both a personal and professional level. Those who are active within the LGBTIQ community would have felt his absence both in debate and in celebration.

Since September 2015, the MHA has had its own list of accredited celebrants who officiate weddings, funerals, and baby naming ceremonies, and the number of Maltese seeking this service has more than doubled over the last year.

The MHA is working on a number of new and old projects and will continue to be active in its contribution to issues pertaining to people's rights, particularly rights to do with equality and non-discrimination.