Winter 2016 Charity Collection

Thank You!

This year the Malta Humanist Association decided to organise a collection to donate to a charity. A poll in our Facebook group allowed members to vote for which charity they wished to support. At the closing date, there were two clear winners.

Dar Merħba Bik is a home which hosts a number of immigrant families as well as helping women victims of domestic violence. It is run by a community of nuns as well as volunteers, and there are several members who attest to the good work they do.

The Hospice Movement provides palliative care to people with terminal illnesses. Some of our members had family members and friends there and others help by volunteering, and speak positively about their dedication and work.

The amount collected was:


(The cents are due to the percentage that PayPal takes from each transaction)

In the coming days this amount will be divided between the two chosen charities. Again, thanks to everyone for making this initiative a success.

Ramon Casha